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Austin, Texas

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Austin is a growing city that is managing to maintain it’s small town and intimate feel.  Known primarily for it’s diverse range of music and its Texas hospitality, Austin has so much to offer.   It’s downtown area ranks as one of the nicest downtown areas in this country… clean, beautiful, energized, exciting, entertaining, and plain fun.   With so much to offer, it is no wonder that Austin’s downtown is an attractive place to live.  To meet the increasing demand for residential and commercial real estate, Austin’s downtown has exploded with new buildings and motivated the City of Austin to accelerate planning for the expansion of its downtown.

Without question, Austin is one of the most diverse cities in the US with a thriving art community; filmmakers; sports fanatics; nearly 200 live music venues; world-renowned festivals. Austin is proud of the film industry achievements it has made including the newly renovated Austin Studios on East 51st Street. If you missed them on TV’s A&E, you have an opportunity to see them up close and in person – the Texas Lonestar Rollergirls play home bouts at the Austin Convention Center. And don’t forget our famous bats, found under the Congress Street Bridge, and other bridges around and near Austin. There is something for everyone in Austin and you’re sure to fit in!

Austin’s East Riverside is targeted to become one of Austin’s most exciting areas and its transformation will incorporate green community planning.  The City’s Master Plan and vision includes improving street connectivity traveling by foot, bicycle or cars. Streets will contain more landscaping, landmarks and gateway features.  Shopping areas will be redesigned and rebuilt to be more pedestrian based.  The Metro Rail system will be expanded to run up and down East Riverside in the future as well.

Austin is situated in the rolling hills and lakes of Central Texas, is the seat of state government, and includes an entertainment complex that boasts the best of live music, the arts and all the fun of the great outdoors. Our talented workforce, creative entrepreneurs and diverse business community help make Austin a Number 1 destination for relocating families and singles. Austin’s a city that doesn’t take itself too seriously, is a little laid back and yes, at times a little weird – hence our motto “Keep Austin Weird” , but most would claim it to be one of the most progressive, but fun cities in our country.

For more information about the East Riverside Master plan you can download the East Riverside Master Plan Executive Summary here.